Finally. The day has come when all of you, lucky lucky folk can be exposed to Rodriguez and his amazing reissued debut album Cold Fact.  We’re not joking here, this is a classic, a hidden gem buried beneath the dust of time, and we’ve spent long hours unearthing it so the world can know of Rodriguez’s masterpiece.  It’s part late-60s psych, part Dylan-folk, smattered with a touch of the Funk Brothers’ Motown horns.  It features classics like the Nas-sampled “Sugar Man” and  the brilliant folk piece “Crucify Your Mind”, and these are just the beginning.  We are most certainly tooting our own horn because this is a reissue for the ages, a true timeless piece of music that is only now going to be able to be exposed to the legions of fan who deserve to be exposed to it.

Please purchase this album … right now, right HERE.