Rodriguez has arrived.

We’ve been excited about our soon-to-be-released brand spanking new reissue of Rodriguez’s Cold Fact for months now.  Don’t you worry when this hot, hot piece of classic 60s psych-folk arrives on August 19th, you’ll be just as excited.  Seriously, we’re three weeks out and two of the big mags, Mojo and Uncut are already showering this much deserved masterpiece with love.

We don’t want to gloat or anything, but, well, this is kind of a big deal …

I mean MOJO gave the album four stars, called it a “proto-rap classic” and placed the freely given away single “Sugarman” on their playlist for the week.  Not bad right?

Well, Uncut (a brilliant little UK rag) also gave it four stars, referring to him as one of the “stars that fame forgot”.  Both articles/reviews will be published in the forthcoming issues of MOJO and Uncut.  Pick ‘em up at local convenience store along with three cans of malt liquor and pack of Newport Lights.  Do it for Rodriguez.

Not a bad way to start off the morning.