Our good, good friends over at Aquarium Drunkard do a column called “Off the Record” every once in a while that combines there love of two things: travel and music.  Each column features an artist discussing their, er, “places” in the world, the locales they call home and all the wonderful things that make these places special in the slightest.  Well, Aquarium Drunkard asked us if we could do a column with Rodriguez where he reported on the various, sigh, “spots” in his hometown – the notorious Detroit, MI.

Here’s a sampling of what Rodriguez gave in response, and we promise you, the rest reads something similar:

“Stop in at 36th District Court. Be witness to the sociology there. The Courthouse sits next to Ford Field (NFL) and Comerica Park (MLB), reflected in the strobe lights of the Fox Theatre and Hockeytown Cafe (NHL). Once there, betwen Woodward and Griswold, pass by what is known as, Urine Street. The stench of it will almost knock a person down.”


As co-owner Matt Sullivan stated, “It’s like he wrote the lyrics to an entirely new album”.

Check out the whole thing HERE.