It’s been an amazing past few months for newly rediscovered Rodriguez.  Trips to New York, shows in Detroit, a whirlwind mini-tour up the California coast – the man has wasted nary a second.  And the touring just continues.

This weekend, Saturday the 10th, Rodriguez will shoot on over to the East Coast for a performance in Asheville, North Carolina at The Grey Eagle on Clingman Avenue.  His back-up band has been burning the midnight oil in preparation for what’s sure to be a beaut of a performance and we cannot implore you enough – if you live in or around or near Asheville – to get on over to The Grey Eagle and check out a true living legend.

Rodriguez w/ Greg Cartwright
The Grey Eagle
Saturday, January 10th
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Check out Rodriguez right here.