Rodriguez Tee Shirts!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

This is not a song, it’s a T-shirt! Finally, you can crucify your closet and rep the Sugar Man himself with these silk screened, super soft ¬†American Apparel tees! Designed by Henry Owings at Chunklet Graphic Control, featuring 3 different designs in many shades.

Bring back all the colors to your dreams with cream, black, and white cotton Rodriguez Tees! Remember, Rodriguez receives royalties for each sale of these shirts, so don’t be shy! You can pick all these up (and more) at LITA LTD!


3 Responses to “Rodriguez Tee Shirts!”

  1. James Yuen says:

    I put in an order for three t-shirts but when I submit my order… it just keeps telling me “Processing Credit Card”. It was running for over an hour before I manually cancelled it. I’ve since tried a few more times with the same result. I also confirmed my credit is good. Can you please check for me the following:

    1 — Did my order ever go through?
    2 — If my order did go through… did it take my order numerous times?

  2. JeffDupp says:

    I bought some new T-shirts a while ago and the words are beginning to fade. I’m planning on buying more T-shirts but I don’t want it to fade. I’m using Tide detergent. Could that be it? What’s causing my shirts to fade and hoe can I prevent it?
    It’s my black T-shirts.

  3. Maria says:

    Hello! It’s impossible to buy something, it doesn’t work at all!

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