Sad News From London

Our good friend Sipreano sent over this saddening news story this morning:

“Alton Ellis, the man acclaimed as ‘The Godfather of Rocksteady’, has, for several weeks now, been in hospital in London undergoing treatment for cancer of the lymph glands and is scheduled to start chemotherapy soon.

Alton Ellis is one of the great figures in reggae and has played alongside some of the all-time legends. He is Noel Ellis’ father and appears on our very first Jamaica to Toronto release Wayne McGhie and The Sounds of Joy. In the words of The Observer’s Basil Walters:

“Alton Neamiah Ellis was born 63 years ago and is regarded as one of Jamaica’s finest musical treasures for almost 50 years.”

Read the whole story HERE.

So, during all the joy and happiness of the holiday season, make sure you keep Mr. Alton Ellis in your thoughts and prayers.

Everyone here at Light In The Attic surely is.