Well, if you don’t know we’d recommend these salivating events:

Builders and Butchers @ Neumos

This is darkly narrative music pulled from dusky landscapes where you might find oil, or you might find a red-lipped lady and a long fall down a short well.  Not-An-Intern Noah has seen these guys many, many times and thinks they are the definition of the “bees knees”.  There’s a whole lot of instruments, a trunk of crowd participation, and a man playing an electric mandolin.  You can’t go wrong.

The Fucking Eagles @ The Comet

Loud, fast, named after a Big Lebowski quote.  Slink yourself down to the loveably dirty hole that is The Comet, feel intimidated by the bartenders, drink some cheap cold beer, and let your eardrums bleed.  C’mon!  That sounds awesome!

And there’s Gene Ween at the Crocodile and the final weekend of the Seattle International Film Festival

Well, we’ll be out and about.

See you on the drunkside.