Set your YouTube eyes on Holiday Time (Volume 1)!

It’s that time of year…you get your presents, buy your over-priced plane tickets, and you bide your time at work by trawling YouTube videos all week! Well, this year, we thought we’d make your search a lil’ easier. Think of us as your little Elves. This is a small selection of some of ourĀ favorite Holiday videos. Some are old, some are new, and some are both old and new at the same time. Huh?

Happy Holidays — Light In The Attic

Now, let’s set the tone with the “Cha Cha Heels for Christmas” scene from John Waters’ Female Trouble. A touching portrait of the Christmas ritual gift exchange.

And now, let’s get a little more serious (well, just a little). This gem is The Free Design’s “Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas)”, which we included as a bonus track on our reissue of You Could Be Born Again.

Finally, let’s get real serious. Why, cuz this track is seriously good! It’s The Mighty Pope & The Sadies doing “White Christmas” on the CBC TV show The Hour. I know it’s from last year, but The Mighty Pope rocks! He is featured on our comp Jamaica To Toronto: Soul, Funk & Reggae 1967 – 1974. And according to LITA’s numero uno Matt Sullivan, “He’s truly the sweetest, coolest dood on the planet.” Awe!

And to close out the evening, we leave you with a very, very funky Christmas. That’s James Brown’s Funky Christmas and the track is “Santa Claus, Go Straight To The Ghetto”. Take it away, Mr. Brown!

And tune in again later this week for, Volume 2. Expect weirdo Christmas, punk Xmas, and some Bob Dylan Holiday video to scramble your mind!