Global warming – fuck you. All of us Seattlelites this weekend were cursed with a snowy, drizzly, hailing mess of a weekend, a gentle fuck you from the weather goods after cock-teasing us with a 70 degree day of heaven last week. Across the board, every Seattle resident we spoke too was pissed, confused, and silently contemplating a move to warmer climes.

We here at Light In The Attic understand. We feel your frozen limbs and know deep down that even if you love this great city of ours, this colder-than-Alaska bullshit is just a wedge in your door of love. But instead of bailing out on the greatest city on Earth, mere months before our wonderful summer finally makes an appearance, we recommend this. Check out one of these tropical releases from all over our great planet and let the rhythm’s move your mind in to a warmer place.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm music.

Here’s three to start with, from their you’re on your own:

Gozalo: Bugalu Vol. 2

Cannibal and The Headhunters

The Tico All-Stars