So, You Like Noel Ellis?


How could you not? That genuine smile, the faint resemblance to Eddie Murphy, those argyle socks, let alone his incredible musical talent – there is nothing not to like about this guy. Which is good for you because if you enjoyed Noel Ellis or the work this reggae virtuoso added to our Jamaica to Toronto Anthology, then your in for a real treat.

One week from today (seven days, one hundred sixty-eight hours, a lot of minutes, even more seconds) our newest entry in to the Jamaica to Toronto series, Summer Records Anthology, is going to be released and it features a brand new, previously unreleased track by Alton Ellis’ greatest son. And that’s really just the beginning, it features new tracks from Johnny Osbourne (which you can download right HERE), Earth, Roots & Water, and Summer Record’s founder, Jerry Brown.

Must, stop, writing, eager anticipation … making … vision … blurry.