Stanton Davis “Brighter Days” and Cultures of Soul Records!

Massachusetts’ Stanton Davis originally released Brighter Days, a seminal jazz funk masterpiece, back in 1977. For the first time in decades it’s available again thanks to the fine folks at Cultures of Soul Records. Davis was mentored by the great jazz legend George Russell and later formed the Ghetto Mysticism Band in Boston, MA. Last week we sat down with Cultures of Soul’s Deano Sounds to talk about the label and Brighter Days.

Tell us about Cultures of Soul. You got the label, the store, blog…lots going on!

Cultures of Soul first started as a radio show on Viva Radio, showcasing the best and rarest soul all over the world in the broadest sense. By this I mean not just American soul but Brazilian soul, Afro funk, latin soul, soul jazz, jazz funk, etc. Since then I’ve started a label releasing rare soul on 7 inch and now our first full length by Stanton Davis. I also value the whole experience and culture of this music so our website also includes interviews with interesting record collectors, DJs, and musicians.

How did you discover Brighter Days and what made you want to release it?

I discovered the Brighter Days album through looking for rare local records. I have an affinity with rare local Boston records and when I heard Stanton’s music it blew me away.

What’s Stanton Davis’ story? From reading his brief Wikipedia entry he’s done a lot of teaching and side man work but only put out a few releases.

Stanton has done everything. He’s a composer, a brilliant trumpet player, an educator, and a very intelligent man. He’s also played with everyone and he’s full of amazing stories.

Private press / regional records have been getting a lot of attention the last few years. How does Brighter Days’ fit in this tradition of privately released albums.

Originally it was released on a small label out of Somerville, MA called Outrageous Records owned by jazz educator, Phil Wilson. I believe his label only put out two records. Anyways it was pressed in limited quantity and was only released regionally with no promotion behind so it never made it out of the area.

What’s up next on the label?​

Next up on the label we are releasing an LP version of Brighter Days in June and we continuing our 7 inch releases with a compilation of our 7 inch releases coming out in the summer. ​


For audio samples and to order Stanton Davis Brighter Days click HERE!