Start Looking …

For this:


‘Cause The Blakes are about to have a big month, and you certainly want to be in attendance for the two-part, kick-off of the whole wild ride. October 5th gents and ladies, two shows: 7:30 at The Vera Project for the kiddies, 10:30 at The Crocodile Cafe for older crowd. You want to be here. Don’t you?

By the way, if the boozy rock-and-roll of The Blakes doesn’t compel you to drag your ass from it’s indent in the couch, then what about The Saturday Knights playing at the early show? Or perhaps Olympia’s own The Old Haunts (a great band that you can hear on KEXP’s Music That Matter’s Podcast: Vol. 62) or Seattle’s The Cops at the late show will float your boat?

If one of those doesn’t get you to come out and enjoy some great music, you’re a lost cause. Just crawl in to your fall-out shelter, seal the door, eat some canned beans and go to sleep.