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This time the Stockist Spotlight is shining on Nice Price Books in Raleigh, North Carolina!
A long-time institution of the Raleigh-Durham landscape, Nice Price Books was commandeered by longtime employees, Enoch Marchant and Brian Shaw in 2013. Get the lowdown on one of our favorite shops to get filthy in!
1. Tell us a little about Nice Price. What’s the history of the shop and Nice Price stores in the area?
- The store(s) were opened by a lone oddball Texan in the late 80s. We are the last surviving store after retirements and ownership changes.
2. What kind of used records do you see coming in? Anything particular to the region or uniquely NC that we might not find everywhere?
- All kinds. As far as regionally we might see more Country music than some areas, but I’m not sure.  Now that reissues and new LPs are so popular there is an influx of a new generation of used LP. Instead of seeing yet another used Police LP we might see an Indie release from a year or so ago that someone decided they don’t need.
3. Do good used records still walk in the door or do you have to go into the wild and find them?
- They still walk in, and customers still bring them in to trade towards other stuff, but we also seek them out.
4. Do you have a record that will sell / people will ask about every time you put it on?
- William Onyeabor and Fela get lots of interest. Daniel Romano as far as new artists are concerned.
5. What’s the coolest / weirdest / most valuable record that’s come in the store you never thought you’d see?
- A copy of the first Bjork LP from ’77 when she was 12. Wacky covers and stuff. That or Lawyers In Love by Jackson Browne
6. What’s the best thing about having a record store in Raleigh?
- Well, we are both Raleigh natives and it’s the only place we’ve ever really known…
7. Has Ryan Adams ever come in the store? Any Raleigh-ians/ites(?) of note shopping at Nice Price?
- He used to live in a house across the street in the Whiskeytown days, and was then a frequent customer. But that was years ago. No one has seen him in the city in a long time, and don’t think we will sadly since he seems to avoid NC.
8. How’s the music scene in Raleigh these days? Turn us on!
- Rad! There’s a lot of stuff going on, and lots of young people doing their own thing. Quick list of great bands:
Birds Of Avalon – de()t – Blois – Jenny Bezetzt – Essex Muro -  Zensofly – Pie Face Girls – Acid Chaperone – Spirit Cooker – Sarah Shook – Dim Delights – Skylar Gudasz – Spider Bags – Bodykit – Reese McHenry – anything New Body is doing. And loads more!
9. What’s your favorite Light In The Attic release and why?
- Man that’s tough. Either, the amazing Lee Hazlewood work y’all have done, or the Bobby Charles LP. Brian’s choice is Wendy Rene. OH and the Native North America box!
10. What’s the best Dwight Yoakam record?
-At the moment, in this weather, and with my current state of being, of all of his great albums, his best is ‘This Time’. Dwight is God.


Find Nice Price Books on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook at @nicepricebooks and peep their podcast here!