Okay, so it’s been awhile, blah blah blah. You do know we’re trying to run a record label here you know? If every once in a while our Store of the Week falls behind (or every week for that matter) we beg our apologies from a knee-bent position and implore that you read our newest entry.

It’s really all we can do.

This week we’re off to the unknown reaches of Bloomington, Indiana to drop by one of the great mid-Western record stores. The amazing, the fantastic, Landlocked Music.

Take it away Heath and Jason:

When did the store open:

Landlocked Music opened its door in March of 2006. We stock a wide
variety of new and used CDs and LPs, as well as magazines, DVDs,
turntables, and related merchandise. We try to transcend any niche or
genre. Our goal is to be a great record store where people can find
obscure, esoteric stuff as well as mainstream stuff.

Favorite record of the year:

Jason (co-owner): Pissed Jeans, Hope for Men (Sub Pop)
Heath (co-owner): Deerhunter, Cryptograms + Flourescent Grey EP (Kranky)

Favorite record that you may not have heard:

Jason: Jim Ford, Harlan County (White Whale, 1969)
Heath: Arvo Part, Tabula Rasa (ECM, 1984)

What’s playing in the store these days:

Jason: I rarely go back to a record, but I’ll listen to anything
once. Lately, it’s been lots of hilariously over-produced 70′s soft
rock, Pylon reish on DFA, Badfinger, any classic rock record I’ve
seen a million times but never actually listened to. Anything
produced by or related to Nick Lowe, or really any British pub rock
from the 70s. Dr. Feelgood were one of the best rock & roll bands of
their time. Youtube it!

Heath: When I am lucky enough to control the dials… calming
minimalist stuff like Goldmund of Fovea Hex, maximum RnR like the
newest Dino Jr, lots of the Daptone Records crew, sad bastard pop a
la the National, endless plowing through of dirty old 45s, obscure
70s & 80s remix 12″s and private press LPs for DJ gigs.

Recent customer purchase that blew you away:

A couple months ago, we found a newish CD by rap-rock jackasses 311 in the bins and rightfully asked why we stocked it.Turns out that it was a special order that was never picked up, so we eventually put it out in the general stock. We both joked about how it would be the absolute last CD to sell.

Well, of course, THE VERY NEXT PERSON in the store went right to it, picked it up, and bought it! And, no, it wasn’t the person who had originally ordered it, and they couldn’t have overheard us joking about it. Totally weird. Rang the guy up with my hand shaking from the numinous vibes penetrating the store at that moment. (If only this worked with every release we wanna push out the door…)

Best in-store performances:

Brightblack Morning Light, Besnard Lakes, Charalambides, Indian
Jewelry, Rogue Wave, Richard Swift, Drakkar Sauna, Vetiver, Sunburned
Hand of the Man, My Brightest Diamond… its hard to choose!

And that’s it for this weeks edition of Store of the Week. Thanks Heath! Thanks Jason, you guys are the best.

Now begins the terrible wait … until the next edition … of STORE OF THE WEEK.

Duhn duhn duhn.