Well, as we predicted would happen our promise of a weekly column highlighting the great folks who hock our shit all over the country … fell to the wayside. Blame it on the holidays, blame it on Techmonkey Noah’s penchant for the drink, just blame it on life getting in the way. Blame it on whatever you want ’cause we’re bringing it back with the force of a hundred stampeding brontosaurus’s and you better like it.

This week we’re off to the wilds of Indianapolis and Mr. Todd Robinson of the wonderful LUNA Music. These gentlemen and ladies have been good to us from day one. So enjoy a few tall tales from good old LUNA.

When did the store open?

We were founded in 1994, LUNA music opened its doors to provide the best customer service and music shopping experience in the mid-west. We now operate two locations in Indianapolis.

What is your favorite record right now?


Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia-Pain Disappears



And, of course, what’s your favorite Light In The Attic release so far?


Nicole Willis! Hands down!

Favorite record to play in the shop?


V/A-The Funky 16 Corners


What is the best in-store performance


Mark Kozelek, second time. Still kills!



Funniest story about the shop?


We once had a customer call us back to let us know he would be in to pick up his special order. When we informed him that we actually did not call him (nor did we have any orders on file for him) and the title he wanted (Bjork’s first, never released outside Iceland, she was only 11, it was only on vinyl and the real deal, not bootleg versions, are much $$$ album) was rarely seen and hardly ever offered for sale–he flew into a rage. He cussed us out, blamed us for ruining his Tuesday, then proceeded to tell us he would pick it up elsewhere! Kinda choice!



Thanks a lot guys!


Next week: Criminal Records!


Not. To. Be. Missed.