Summer Records Anthology is a great album of music.  An amazing chronicle of one of the great producers in music history and the fantastic stable of musicians he inspired to create amazing music.  For those of you who purchased the dual-disc, you’ll know that Sipreano, our all-knowing music brain in Canada, worked his little ass off to put together a documentary about the great Jerry Brown (founder of Summer Records) and the creation of his musical legacy.  It’s a wonderful film filled with great archival footage and some bad-ass interviews with Mr. Brown himself (you can view it HERE, HERE, and HERE).Thus, it’s our pleasure to spread the good word that Sipreano (and all the others who worked like dogs to get this put together) have entered the film, and had it accepted, in the 2008 Reggae Film Festival to be held in one Kingston, Jamaica.  The festival’s sole goal is to celebrate, well, films about reggae (many of which have never even been shown in Jamaica) and give folks a chance to learn about the artists and culture behind this impressive collection of old and new films.

It’s still pretty raw, but the Jamaica Film Academy website at least gives a little info on what’s playing and when.

Again, congrats Sipreano, you’ve done us proud!