Let me start by saying this: the whole daily blogging thing is far more difficult then anyone thinks.  I came in to this brief gig thinking live-blogging a festival would be a relaxing piece of cake.  Turns out that waking up every morning after drinking ten beers, standing on your feet for twenty-two hours, and seeing an uncountable number of oft-times shitty bands AND then writing a witty response is a real kick in the cajones.  Thus, bloggers of the world I applaud you, you are better men/women than I.

This cluster-fuck of a festival is starting to wrap up and even though my brain is mushy and my stomach is an unsettled mess, I’m going to keep up the good fight.

1.  No matter how tired you are, and no matter how much you want to keep your energy up so you can see Handsome Furs, avoid “diet pills” endorsed by Carmen Electra.  Sure, I did lose six pounds and grow a fine pair of bosoms, but I also spent three hours last evening on the verge of losing my lunch all over the back patio of Bourbon Rocks.  You’ve been warned.

2.  Wow, most disappointing performance of the show so far?  Lucero.  I’ve heard good things about these guys, great things even, but after waiting in line for twenty minutes at Red Eyed Fly last night their tepid blend of Tim McGraw, punk rock, and country twang did nothing for me.  With that said, most enthusiastic crowd I’ve seen at this hipster-suffocated shindig.  Seemingly Lucero is the Dave Matthew’s of country-punk rock.  Every frat bro and his skinny blond lady friend were there, Miller Light in hand, hooting and hollering.  I’m actually worried that as I write this, Lucero fans around Austin are somehow catching wind, lighting up their torches and going Noah-hunting.  Nonetheless, Lucero = weak.

3.  Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes.  Beautiful beautiful music.  After the show I talked to the keyboardist Casey for a long time, and now have nothing but admiration for these modest, ultra-friendly gentlemen.  They’re playing one more show I believe and it is up to you to get there and see them perform.  It is a shame to miss out on these beautiful harmonies.

4.   Though SXSW is one of the amazing events I’ve ever been a part of, I’m getting tired.  It’s been five days of music, booze, illicit drugs, music, booze, illicit drugs, awkward shuffling, stiff legs, cart food, hangovers, and the aforementioned Carmen Electra “diet pills”.  Sleep seems a luxury right now, but I can do this.  Just one more day and what a day it shall be.

5.  Don’t listen to anybody about White Rabbits being overrated.  Those people are jerks, and you shouldn’t be talking to them anyways.

Alright, wish me luck.