Day four has left me a little fuzzy.  I try to write these things in the morning after the festivities and today it’s difficult.  My throat is sort of painfully sore (possibly from almost losing my lunch after the end-fifth of a lukewarm Miller Highlife 40), my brain feels as if repeatedly punched and my stomach might never lose the sort of hang-over nausea it’s acquired on this trip.

Nonetheless, for you our loyal Light In The Attic fans, I will persevere.

1.  Each day just gets a little crazier here at old South By.  A few more thousand fans.   A few more lines that stretch on down the dusty streets.  Just a couple more big, big names.  And a fuck-ton more mindless drunks.  Seriously, everywhere.  Blitzed as anything, puking, fighting, fucking and generally making a bad name for the good folk who want to come, imbibe some beverage and watch some good shows.

2.  Comic Mike Birbigila referred to bloggers as both chubby and awkward.  I concur.

3.  The Black Angels blew me away for the second time today.  I checked out there show at Red Eyed Fly in a pretty terrible mood due my incapability to network and my fear that I’ll never make it in this slimy slimy industry, but the pure psych-drone these boys (and girl) can produce plastered a smile on my face.  I’m still unsure of my ability to survive amongst the music industry wolves but at least I got to drink three beers and see The Black Angels blast.

4.  Los Campesinos.  Los Campesinos.  Los Campesinos.  Mark my word, these little Walesians are going to be huge.  HUGE.  So much energy, so much accent, so much beautiful red-haired pianist/vocalist.  Best show of the entire concert if you ask me.

5.  Any woman, any woman who steps on stage and can play an instrument almost instantaneously goes in the “Ah yeah” category for me.  It’s sort of a problem at shows, because I find myself drunkenly, awkwardly oogling the female musicians and not hearing any of the sounds there making.  Thus my South By experience is peppered with silent, grainy close-ups of semi-attractive females playing an assortment of instruments.  Go me!

6.  Throw Me The Statue is one of my favorite groups right now, but I want something more from their live experience.  Three times I’ve seen them now, and three times I’ve been excited but not overly so.  Two of the times I’ve met the lead singer afterwards and just exploded in adoration.  I shouldn’t drink and talk to famous people.  Still, no matter my awkward (word of the day) interactions, they could be better.

Alright.  It’s all I got.  It’ll be 90 degrees today.  Pray for my safety.