Well, the party has ended. The streets of Austin are no longer filled with trash, wasted people and streams of unknown liquid. The night air is blissfully quiet.

Because SXSW is over.

I’m beat. Absolutely dead tired. I can’t think, can’t began to write, but I’ve got a few last things to say about Saturday’s festivities before I put up a nice big tie everything together sort of post. Excuse me for errors of an kind, I’m literally writing with one eye closed, so sleep will come only that much faster.

1. Dr. Dog was the best, and last show of the festival that I saw. Absolutely amazing. I’ve seen them once before and gone, to a-degree, was the melodic drawn out jams, replaced instead with short, hard rock and roll. It was as energetic and beautiful as anything I’ve seen here. Kudos to those guys, really drawing on those last few reserves to put on a show-stopper.

2. The other kids from Light In The Attic actually ran in to Elijah Wood, yes the Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame at his DJ set. Matt Sullivan, our shadowy owner, chatted him up a bit and it turns out not only is he a huge Light In The Attic fan, but he also dropped a Betty Davis song during his supposedly amazing DJ set. Aw shucks Elijah, I’ll take all those bad things I’ve been saying about North back.

3. By the way, our smiley friend Sandy chopped it up with Eric J. Lawrence from KCRW and it looks like Mr. Lawrence was pretty impressed. You can find out why HERE.

4. It’s been a great trip. A great trip. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a wrap-up. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog experiment. I certainly have.

Thanks for reading.