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Jim Ford “Harlan County” (CD | LP) OUT NOW!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Hello there. Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite record: Jim Ford Harlan County! Recorded in 1969 in Los Angeles, CA, Harlan County is a true gem of the swamp/country-funk tradition. Tony Joe White, Bobby Charles, Charlie Rich…Jim Ford could hang with them all.

Dig the gatefold spread! Stick 'em up!

“Jimmy Ford is the baddest white man on the planet,” said Sly Stone of Jim Ford, and listening to Harlan County today who’s to argue? Needless to say, we’re honored to re-release these ten country-funk gems on CD and 180-gram wax (for the first time) with Ford’s original cover artwork, beautifully re-mastered audio (from the original tapes), extensive liner notes by Kurt Wolff (The Rough Guide to Country Music), and rare photos. These jams are fierce and fuzzed out, ready for the club or just a cruise in your powder blue Ford pickup. See ya out there.

Check all the goodies!

For more info, audio samples and to order Jim Ford Harlan County (LITA 068 – CD | LP) hop on over HERE!

Charles “Packy” Axton – “Late Late Party 1965-67″ CD/LP OUT NOW!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Today is the day! We’re proud to present the first ever anthology of Charles ‘Packy’ AxtonLate Late Party 1965-67! And for all you Memphis folk, don’t forget about the FREE listening party at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music TODAY, Tuesday August 23rd from 4PM – 6PM. Details HERE!

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, tenor saxophone player and bandleader Charles ‘Packy’ Axton is yet another of the uncelebrated, despite a deep pedigree and funky catalogue of notable grooves. Part of the mighty Stax family through birth—Packy’s mother Estelle Axton and uncle Jim Stewart founded the southern R&B dynasty in the early 1960’s—Packy picked up the sax at a young age, and after linking with future Booker T. & the M.G.’s Steve Cropper and Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn, formed the The Mar-Keys. Almost reaching the top of the R&B and pop charts in 1961 with the classic “Last Night,” friction caused by Packy’s party going ways caused a split. It wasn’t until 1965 that the wild child had another national instrumental hit on his hands, “Hole In The Wall” by the Packers, chronicled by Light In The Attic Records.

Steve Cropper, Charles ‘Packy’ Axton, Wayne Jackson, Don Nix, Terry Johnson, Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn. Photo courtesy of Don Nix.

Despite the loving support of his musically minded mother, Packy was ostracized from Stax proper through a rift with Stewart because of his casual approach and oft-eccentric ways. Packy preferred hanging out and playing music with local black musicians, something that in the racially tense south, was viewed negatively by some. Still, throughout the mid-1960’s, Packy recorded a series of hard, short, and down home R&B stompers at Royal and Ardent Recording Studios by heavyweight producer John Fry (Big Star, Isaac Hayes, Ry Cooder), accompanied by legendary Stax and Hi Records dynamos Steve CropperBooker T., and Teenie Hodges (Al Green, Ann Peebles, Syl Johnson). Featuring songs released on labels such as Bar RecordsHollywood,Pure Soul Music, and U.S.A. Records (not to mention several unreleased gems) Late Late Party 1965-67 includes seventeen powerful instrumental and vocal tracks for your listening pleasure. Supplemented by Memphis-writer Andria Lisle’s extensive liner notes, unpublished photographs, and featuring lovingly remastered audio, Late Late Party is shines a light on an overlooked part of the Stax story.

For more info, audio samples and order Charles ‘Packy’ Axton - Late Late Party 1965-67 (LITA 067 -CD | LP+Download Card for Unreleased Track | DIGITAL), click HERE!

Charles “Packy” Axton – “Late Late Party 1965-67″ – What’s Inside???

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Here’s a little treat for all of you who are asking…man, that “Packy” Axton release looks sick but what’s inside? Well, here you go:

Charles “Packy” Axton – Late Late Party 1965-67 (LITA 067 – CD | LP | DIGITAL) OUT NOW!

CD/LP PRE-ORDER: “Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun”

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Years in the making! We’re proud to announce that you may now pre-order Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun (LP available 9/6, CD 9/27), the first ever anthology (outside of South Korea) of Shin Joong Hyun‘s work as a songwriter, singer, producer, arranger, and all around guitar god. It’s been a long road to get this one out but we have to give much thanks to Drew Christie and liner notes author Kevin “Sipreano” Howes, who first turned us on to Mr. Shin’s work so many years ago. Now if you’re scratching your head…”who’s Mr. Shin?”…then read on. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Shin Joong Hyun - Courtesy of the Artist

Shin Joong Hyun’s tale is personal, spiritual, and deep, not only reflecting the full spectrum of human emotions, but one that produced reverberating echoes of sound, some beautiful and life-giving, others restless and ungovernable. For the first time outside of Korea, Shin’s music will be readily available to music lovers the world over. We are thrilled to release Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun, a career spanning CD, 2xLP, and Digital Download compilation of the diminutive guitarist, songwriter, producer, arranger, and talent developer.

For the full story, head over to the Release page where you can also preview tracks and pre-order the CD and 2x LP!

Shin Joong Hyun “Beautiful Rivers And Mountains” Anthology CD/LP “What’s Inside” PREVIEW!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

A brand new tradition at Light In The Attic – “What’s Inside”! This is where we show you all the goodies that are in store for you when you pick up a copy of our latest releases on CD and/or LP. This week, we give you the incomparable Shin Joong Hyun and the first ever anthology (outside of South Korea) of his work–Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958-74–as a songwriter, producer, singer, and scorching guitar player! LPs (available now) and you may also pre-order the CD now (available 9/20)! But for now, have a look at “what’s inside”!

Michael Chapman “Rainmaker” CD/LP | PRE-ORDER

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

In 2011, we reissued Michael Chapman’s second album, Fully Qualified Survivor. We’re kicking 2012 off right with a deluxe CD and LP reissue of his debut album Rainmaker (originally relased on Harvest in 1969). Like the ‘FQS’ album, Rainmaker (LITA 079) is a psychedelic-guitar-folk delight and features one of Chapman’s best known songs, “It Didn’t Work Out.”

A true stylist in his own right, Chapman holds a middle line between John Martyn and Bert Jansch with the provocative electric rock of Martyn juxtaposed against the traditional folk so wonderfully espoused by Jansch. Along for the ride on other songs are acoustic bassist Danny Thompson (Pentangle, John Martyn, Nick Drake) and electric bass player Rick Kemp (later to join Steeleye Span). All of the proceedings were produced by Gus Dudgeon who also did Chapman’s “FQS” album as well as David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” single – and a ton of the early work of Elton John.

We’ve reproduced the gatefold jacket in its exact original form (including a deluxe gatefold “tip-on” jacket), while the CD version includes 6 rare bonus tracks from the Rainmaker sessions, including 3 previously unreleased songs never heard else-where! And if that wasn’t enough, journalist Byron Coley (Ecstatic Yod, Wire & Arthur magazines) penned 5,000 words of new liner notes taken from a fresh Chapman interview detailing the recording sessions. All packaged with many unseen photos of the era. For a look at all the goodies contained within, check out the “What’s Inside?” videos below.

For audio samples, more info, and to pre-order, click here!

Free Basin’ Fridays – Bo Diddley!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Earlier this week we launched Future Days Recordings–our newest imprint–with the release of Bo Diddley’s blues-psych-funk classic, The Black Gladiator. Bootlegs of questionable source (both on the audio and legal end) have been floating around for years but with this CD-only reissue, The Black Gladiator is finally in print with in-depth liner notes (by Scott Schneider) and newly remastered audio (from original tapes, transferred at 24bit/96kHz). So for this week’s Free Basin’ Fridays, we’re giving away a copy of the CD to one lucky winner.

For your chance to win, leave us a comment below with your name and email address (kept private). Tell us your favorite Bo Diddley song, album, lyric, etc…show Bo some love! Winner picked at random and announced next Friday, 3/23 at 12PM PST. See you next week!

Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, & Backsides (1968-71) | Out Now on CD/Digital

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

The response to The LHI Years on Record Store Day was flat out overwhelming! Lots of people kept asking if this was going to come out on CD (you know, for the car or to get for your younger brother who doesn’t know what a record player is). Well, here it is! Today you can now purchase the CD edition (same stellar sound, book-deep liner notes and rare archive photos) direct from us here. Check out the “What’s Inside?” video below for the full scoop on the CD.

Free Basin’ Fridays – Indonesian private psych rock with Benny Soebardja “The Lizard Years”

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

OK so we’re a bit on the early side for Free Basin’ Fridays, but we have a top secret reissue mission tomorrow so won’t be at the ole computer tapping away. Anyway, earlier this week we featured the four great releases by Benny Soebardja on the always amazing Strawberry Rain label. Pure slabs of raw Indonesian psych rock, these three full album LP reissues (super limited quantities) and the essential collection The Lizard Years (2x CD) are out now and you can pick them up here. For this week’s Free Basin’ Fridays (yeah, we know we’re a bit early!), we’re giving away a copy of the 2x CD anthology The Lizard Years, which collects the three albums Lizard, Gut Rock, and Night Train and is fleshed out with a nice 36-page book full of vintage concert photos, album covers, and information about Benny’s musical history.

For your chance to win, leave a comment below and include your name and email address (kept private). Tell us about your favorite Indonesian rock band or favorite private press rock album… Winner will be announced next Friday, June 1 and 12PM.

Hiss Golden Messenger’s “Haw” | Country Soul Greatness from Paradise Of Bachelors | Pre-order Now!

Monday, March 25th, 2013


Haw is the name of a river, a modest tributary of the Cape Fear, flowing rocky and swift through 110 miles of Piedmont North Carolina, wending Southeasterly past abandoned and repurposed textile mills, rickety hippie homesteads, and red-clay farmland fringed with pine forests. Green corn in the fields/River running like a wheel. Haw is also one of a few names for a small Siouan tribe that once resided in the eponymous river’s valley and may have alternately known themselves as the Saxapahaw or Sissipahaw. After battling British settlers in the bloody Yamasee War of 1715-17, the Haw disappear from the colonial historical record. Their river remains, rolling on.

“Haw!” how a muleskinner moves a mule to the left. “Haw,” half a laugh.

Haw, herein, is an album of eleven songs about family, faith, and an ill-prophesied future, an artifact almost as archaic, lovely and seldom heard today as directional commands for beasts of burden. M.C. Taylor, who wrote these songs, once lived hard by the Haw with his wife Abigail and their son Elijah—Well I come from the bottom of the river Haw, he sings—but he doesn’t live there anymore. Having followed the slipstream to the relative bustle of nearby Durham, North Carolina, he has composed a new clutch of tunes that conjure the half-remembered dreams of peace promised by our pasts.

When pitted against rampant prognostications of a gathering American darkness in years to come, those easy domestic dreams falter and flicker and perhaps collapse. But if nostalgia is a potion that casts a crooked smoke, these smoky Southern blues suggest that fatalism frames the future. What will be will be enough. Don’t study on the ways of tomorrow. If we allow our yesterdays—our youth—to fade too far into the glow of malleable memory and doddering fondness, our tomorrows will surely assume a dire and bleak fixity. And so we sing out: Goodbye blackened abattoir/Hello, yellow dawn. It takes a worried man to sing such a worried song: Sara Carter knew that, and many other fellow travelers too.

Haw proposes a manifestly mature sense of anxiety and acute but unspectacular workaday pain, mapping a spiritual inscape pricklier and more unknowable than the places explored on Poor Moon (2011), the previous Hiss Golden Messenger record of all new material. Sonically, the arrangements – by turns lush with strings and saxophones and as kitchen-table direct as Bad Debt (2010) – belie the compositions’ Biblical claws with a longing for pastoral comfort, the ease of fellowship, and more minutes than they can contain. I do not go by the Book of Days. These prayers from Babylon posit that we are, all of us, ruled by the distant thunder of memory and ingrown or inherited gospel. The best we can do is to await the next storm with joy and devotion. Some call that faith. I’m trying to learn to love my conqueror.

Taylor’s writing and singing here achieve a tenebrous clarity, invoking—and occasionally challenging—a intermingling cast of prophetic characters both sacred and profane: Daniel, Elijah, the Apostles, and the Son of Man, sure, but also the Peacock Fiddle Band, Mississippi John Hurt, and by implication, Lew Welch, Waylon Jennings, Michael Hurley, and our friend Jefferson Currie II. Say whatever prayer you want: to Jehovah or Yahowah, or Red Rose Nantahala. More than ever before, the supporting players of Hiss Golden Messenger feature as tellers of the tale. Each episode earns a meticulously turned ensemble statement.

In the band’s current incarnation, rhythm section stalwarts Terry Lonergan (drums) and Taylor’s longtime musical brother Scott Hirsch (bass, guitar, and production) are joined by Durham multi-instrumentalist Phil Cook of Megafaun, Black Twig Pickers banjoist Nathan Bowles of Blacksburg, and on Telecaster, Nashville’s own, William Tyler. Bobby Crow (saxophone), Matt Cunitz (keys), Gordon Hartin (steel guitar), Joseph DeCosimo (fiddle), Sonia Turner (vocals), and Mark Paulson of the Bowerbirds (strings) also crew, navigating Haw’s shoals of trouble and delight. Lyrically and musically multifarious and freshly urgent, Haw represents Hiss Golden Messenger’s most ambitious and challenging work yet.

In the end, the record, like the full tilt river, takes us through the gates and past all the creatures with their forkèd tongues (though the serpent is kind, compared to man.) But we needn’t follow it all the way to Cape Fear. Instead, cleave you to the rock; keep the sloughs astern. Row. Here comes Easter Sunday. There’ll be Cheerwine and chicken bog, red drum and Red Horse Bread. Got so drunk on brandywine/The scales fell away. And that’s worth at least half a laugh.

So: haw! Selah!

Paradise Of Bachelors present Hiss Golden Messenger’s new LP Haw. Preorder now from!

  • The eagerly anticipated, full-length, full-band follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2011 album Poor Moon (PoB-02)
  • Available on virgin vinyl, in a deluxe, limited edition of 2000, as well as on CD and digital formats
  • Vinyl edition features matte, tip-on jacket, full-color inner sleeve, and digital download coupon
  • CD housed in heavy 24 pt matte gatefold wallet