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Amoeba Music LA Presents Light In The Attic DJ Set

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

There it is…the proof in the pudding! This Saturday Light In The Attic’s Matt Sullivan and Patrick McCarthy will be spinning records from the LITA catalog and their own schizophrenic collections at Amoeba Music in Hollywood! Stop by and wander around this music wonderland whilst head banging to the likes of Jim Sullivan, Michael Chapman, and, of course, Motörhead!

More info HERE!

And just for fun, we’ll be giving away copies of the two latest releases–Michael Chapman’s Fully Qualified Survivor and Michael Hurley’s Have Moicy!–so don’t miss out on this one!

Amoeba Music Presents - Light In The Attic DJ Set
6400 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Saturday, April 2, 2011
2PM – 3:30PM

Light In The Attic DJ Set @ Radio-Active Records (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Hey hey, Matt and Patrick will be in South Florida on a top secret mission this weekend. In between some volley ball games, we’re gonna stop by one of our favorite record stores down there, Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale for an impromptu DJ set on Saturday. We’ll be giving away some records and other stuff, so stop in, say hi, and pick up some records!

Radio-Active Records
Light In The Attic DJ Set
Facebook even page HERE
Saturday, June 23rd 3-4pm

Light In The Attic: Behind The Scenes | XGames

Monday, November 18th, 2013


Check out the behind the scenes of Light In The Attic Records with a short feature by Alxis Jane for ESPN/XGames. Hear LITA’s own Matt Sullivan and Patrick McCarthy talk about the history of the label and the process of reissuing records.

LITA Team Showcases Extracurricular Talents at SXSW: Who Knew They Had Lives Outside of the Office?!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Once again, it’s the time of the season when thousands of the hippest, raddest, most with-it hep cats around make the annual pilgrimage to the heart of the Lone Star State for what has not-so-affectionately been dubbed, “South-by”. Among those thousands are a few of our very own cool dudes, Patrick & Lydia, who will be showcasing their talents outside of LITA.


Patrick and his band, Zig Zags, will be playing a whole slew of shows over the next few days. They are great live and can really kick out the jams! Listen to some of their tracks on Bandcamp. Details about the shows can be found here.

Meanwhile, Lydia will be screening her first feature film, “BURNOUT” as part of the 5th Annual RxSM Self-Medicated Film Expo (RxSM). Catch it at 10pm tonight (Tuesday, March 11) @ The New Movement (616 Lavaca St.) .

official BURNOUT trailer from Lydia Hyslop on Vimeo.

Here is brief synopsis of the film, with links to some of the glowing press the film has received:

Ada’s world looks sunny, but her life is turning up-side-down. When a vote to legalize marijuana passes, she finds her unusual— and illegal— livelihood suddenly threatened. Her brother Gio urges her to quit her alternative lifestyle and go get a “real” job.  Margot, her alcoholic roommate, can’t pay the bills. With both girls strapped for cash, one of Ada’s customers tells her about a money-making opportunity “modeling.” Meanwhile, the barista at the local coffee shop asks Ada on a date, but Ada wonders if she is merely the girl with the drugs to him. Is she just the girl with the drugs to everyone?  And what happens if the demand for the girl with the drugs becomes obsolete? Welcome to Ada’s quarter-life crisis.

‘Burnout’ Is A Breakout Hit

Director, Actor Lydia Hyslop Is Anything But A ‘Burnout’

Go get ‘em tigers!