Thai Funk Cassettes from Light In The Attic & Burger Records!

Light In The Attic & Burger Records are stoked to bring you Thai Funk Vol. 1 & Thai Funk Vol. 2 on limited edition cassette! Over four years ago, Bangkok crate digger Maft Sai from ZudRangMa Records Thailand complied two now legendary volumes of 1960’s and 70’s Thai pop, garage rock, funk, and disco from a selection of artists unknown outside of Southeast Asia. Both packed with songs culled from the used record bins and bustling street markets of the region. Distributed worldwide by Light In The Attic Records, our dreams of seeing this archival project reissued on loud and proud vinyl has come to fruition, but we couldn’t stop there. Now these two crucial compilations are available on cassette!

Despite the foreign track names and indigenous delivery, Thai Funk occasionally echoes the familiar motifs of Western pop, rock, and soul acts like Pink Floyd, B.T. Express, and James Brown. Combined with original material filled with ample fuzz guitar, burning organ, funky drumming, and passionate vocals, hitting play on these cassettes opens a musical door that very few in the western world have dared explore. Picture yourself at a seedy Bangkok discotheque in 1979 with your best friends and prepare to party the night away.

Head to to pick up Thai Funk Vol. 1 & Thai Funk Vol. 2 on cassette (also, available on vinyl)!