There’s a few things we truly love in this world: waffles and fried chicken, a cold Mint Julep, and the rough denim fabric of a nice denim vest.  Also, The Numero Group, we absolutely love The Numero Group.  A reissue label of both impeccable taste and outstanding design aesthetic, these guys are our comrades and our friends and we’re absolutely in love with the healthy catalog they’ve built over the years.

Thus, it’s no surprise that the sultry tones of 24-Carat Black’s unreleased sophomore album Gone: The Promise of Yesterday have us frothing at the mouth a bit.  The 24-Carat Black released their first album on Stax in 1973, a dark urban tale of a burgeoning African-American middle class.  Sadly, the populace at large wasn’t ready for the gritty tales of lives gone sour the band presented, and with scraps of a second album lingering on the periphery, 24-Carat Black called it a day.

Now, years later, the remaining tracks of what would’ve been a decidedly gloomy take on the traditional funky love song of the times, has been pieced together by The Numero Group and hot damn if it isn’t a real slow-burning funk strut.

We highly recommend it.

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