The Black Angels at Chop Suey

It’s One Week From Chop Suey! Exactly one week from the afternoon I write this, on June 19 2006, The Black Angels will be playing Chop Suey! It is a sold out show so we hope you got your tickets. Awww. Don’t be like that. Don’t worry, Sparkles, the band will be back sooner than you think (July 28-29) for the Capitol Hill Block Party.

In the meantime, The Black Angels just played NYC — check out these mad photo love from dat sweet-ass

Subinev blog and swanky Oh My Rockness. Oh, you kids!Hey, check out our brand new Jamaica to Toronto page! There’s a fresh MP3 up of Jo-Jo and The Fugitives’ tasty “Chips-Chicken-Banana-Split”!

Meanwhile, Tom from KEXP just dropped by the office to pick up a Trikont “Queer Noises” compilation for a Gay Podcast he’s hooking up with Kurt Reighley. We love those guys. That’s just the kind of stuff that happens around Light In The Attic!

Till next time, remember kids: Milk is good for skin and teeth, so swig, swag, or bathe, but spit it back out, because lactose intolerance is still intolerance and that just ain’t happening.