It’s been a good week. With a wristband now being held for is down in old Austin, TX SXSW has become a total reality. The sun was shining in all it’s semi-cold resplendent glory. And then yesterday we get this:

Christian Bland, guitarist for our favorite psych-rockers The Black Angels has got it in his head (maybe he’s feeling a little jealous after Bob’s much commented Across The Pond post) that he’d like to share his life, with you, our loyal readers. Christian is a gem of a fellow and we’re as excited about this as we were about the return of American Gladiators … that’s pretty fucking excited.

So without further ado, Christian Bland.

whats up everyone. this is christian from the black angels. we’re gonna start up a little blog here for you, so you can see what a day in the life of someone like me might be like.

feb 27, 2008

today I spent the day at The Red Barn painting a huge John Lennon face on the front of the stage. The Red Barn’s a new venue here in Austin that my buddy Adam and I are opening. It can hold around 900 people. Our first show is on March 8th with a bunch of our friends from around town, and a couple out -of -town folks as well.
The inspiration behind the place, is the old Vulcan Gas Company, which was Austin’s first psychedelic venue from 1967-1970. Tons of amazing bands played there; including the 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, The Golden Dawn, The Lost & Found, Moby Grape, John Lee Hooker, the Fugs, & Bubble Puppy.
So we’re hoping March 8th goes well, and that we can keep the place open as a regular music venue with light shows and psychedelic rock n roll.!

I got the CD artwork for ‘Directions to See a Ghost’ from Thingmakers today, and it looks awesome! It’ll be out May 13th.

We spent a couple hours today up at Home Depot getting wood for the stage, and then we went by Sherwin William for paint, and then we ended up at Frisco, this old diner that started in 1953. If you come to
Austin, you should check out their cole slaw.

I’ve been listening non stop to The Golden Dawns’ album ‘Power Plant’. They’re a late 60′s band from Austin also on the International Artists label with the 13th Floor Elevators. Check them out HERE.

Its been stuck in my CD player since november, so I highly recommend finding a copy for yourself. (itunes even has it)

I’ve gotta go back up to the Red Barn tomorrow morning to draw a huge Dylan face. So, im out, until next time,

christian b.