The Black Angels … well … EVERYWHERE!

We mentioned a couple weeks ago maybe (with all the drinking it could’ve been years) that The Black Angels were being used on the red-band trailer (not for the kiddies!) for The Coen Brother’s newest, No Country For Old Men.  Well, seemingly they really like the song as it is now adorning not only the trailer, but the front page of the film’s website (   The combination of a Cormac McCarthy adaptation plus the beloved Coen Brothers already had us dribbling in our breeches to see this film, but the unfettered love shown to The Black Angels has pushed us in to full wetting mode.  Somebody get us a change of pants!

Ahem, in other Black Angels news, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme recently spoke to Pitchfork Media’s “Guest List” section and had only nice things to say about the Austin rockers:

“I kind of like this Black Angels record– it’s really good. They’re from Texas and that makes me happy, because I want something good to finally come out of Texas. We’re going to do some shows with them.”

The shows have come and gone, but a big old rockstar like Josh Homme talking about our little Black Angels?  Aw shucks.

You can read the rest of the article right here.