The Blakes CMJ Pictures!

We wish we could’ve flown each and every single one of your, our FAN-tastic fans all out the Big ‘ole Rotten Apple for the two nights of CMJ. We wish we could piled you up on a big old jet airliner and sent you out in support of your, and ours, favorite boozy rock-trio, The Blakes, as they jammed out two shows for public consumption. God, how we wish you could’ve heard the boys tweak their songs in to gentle acoustic slices of beauty on Friday at Planetary, only to come back in a fog of distorted gee-tar for round two at The Cake Shop on Saturday. We wish, we wish, we wish – but we’re a fledgling record company with only enough money for our fantastic bands, so stop being so fucking greedy.

Instead just look at these great pictures from the various shows!

Live KEXP Showcase @ The Hit Factory (photos by: Doron Gild)

Live Acoustic Set @ Planetary  (photos by: Darren Farinas)