Oh my.  This is big.  We can barely get our breath this is so great:

The good people over at the Canadian offices of Myspace have decided that our band, you may have heard of them, The Blakes were worthy of the great honor of being named, ahem, FEATURED BAND.  Meaning, that for the rest of this sweet week you’ll be able to hop on over to The Blakes Myspace page (RIGHT HERE) and listen to a streaming version of not one track, not two tracks, but the ENTIRE album.  Sure you may have heard before, but has your best friend?  Your dad?  Your mom?  The guy who does your garden?  The smelly guy who sleeps in front of the house?  WHO KNOWS!  But they can now!

So head on over to The Blakes Myspace page and listen to the whole album, legal and free.  We won’t hold it against you, we promise.

Also, if you want to see the full pretty picture of The Blakes FEATURED ON CANADIAN MYSPACE follow these quick steps:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on the music tab in the mid-upper right corner.  Viola, buh-buh-Blu-AKES!

Congratulations boys we can’t think of any one else who deserves it more!