So the news that The Blakes had recorded an exclusive session with the good folks at I-Tunes would be exciting enough, right?  That they’d put together previously unheard live versions of “Two Times”, “Pistol Grip” and “Lintwalk” would generate enough buzz to get your mouth salivating a little bit, true?

Well, what if we told you that the brand new I-Tunes Exclusive Session recently recorded by your favorite band The Blakes also features three never before heard tracks?


Yup, the brand new Blakes’ I-Tune Session features three NEW tracks, “Basket”, “Fall”, and “Horse” and they’ll blow your mind, your mom’s mind, and your little dog’s mind too.

You can purchase this bad boy from I-Tunes right this very moment right here:

Also, if you’ve never heard The Blakes, well first you should be ashamed of yourself, and second you should to go to the I-Tunes Discovery Download page (right HERE) and you can pick up the absolutely amazing track “Two Times” for, well, NOTHING.  Download that right HERE, right now.

Full information and track list after the jump!


1.  Basket (Live)

2.  Two Times (Live)

3.  Fall (Live)

4.  Lint Walk (Live)

5.  Pistol Grip (Live)

6.  Horse (Live)

From the I-Tunes Store:

“Seattles’ Blakes recorded this exclusive live session for us, which basically explains why the Northwest has been so up-and-arms over this band.  They’ve got a garage rock/British Invasion immediacy
which means each song begins like a bolt of stylized lightning – the riff is established, and then they kick in with a melody heavy on the rasp and lyrics which pronounce “thing” like “thang.”  Dipping into cuts from their self-titled album like “Pistol Grip” (here stripped down a bit) and “Two Times”, The Blakes’ easy cool and sneering soul won us over.”