Hopefully if you’re perusing this website, searching for new music, digging through our extensive back catalog, then you’ve done yourself a favor and checked out Daytrotter.  Sean Moeller has been bringing the best and the brightest bands in the business to the tiny town of Rock Island, Illinois to sit a spell in his studio there and record alternate takes of their popular songs.  Oft times bands will bring a handful of unreleased material, maybe even a cover or two.

Bands like Bon Iver, Bodies of Water, and The Dodos (and the list goes on…) have all laid down tracks for Daytrotter, and now our very own The Blakes have been lucky enough to sit down with the folks over there to lay down a few old favorites.

Four classic Blakes’ tracks all re-worked and re-recorded in the intimate space that is the Daytrotter studios.  Check it out right HERE.