The Blakes Artist of the Day!

Yup, you read that right. Our very own, newest of new signees, The Blakes have been picked by as their Artist of the Day, a prestigious honor previously bestowed on great bands like The Pharmacy and No Age.

A quote from, ahem:

‘Soak the Kinks in cheap booze, reignite the Stooges’ strut and add some modern Strokes of ambition, and you have the Blakes. The jagged and glassy-eyed “Two Times” (written in seven minutes) peaks with an enraptured chant of “Shake shake shake,” while the polished “Don’t Bother Me” elevates on a fluid glide aboard an invisible jet. The Blakes play gritty-yet-hazy rock music, a throwback to a more vagabond era.’

With all this buzz building, The Blakes show at Bumbershoot (Sound Transit Stage, Monday September 3rd) is going to be cuh-razy. Seriously, like a strait jacket.