The Blakes & The Saturday Knights Rock the Block

On Friday July 27th, newly signed Light In The Attic band The Blakes will be playing the same day as The Saturday Knights during the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle — don’t miss them! Other performers for the two day festival include Spoon, Silversun Pickups, and Aesop Rock.

“We’ve never played it before,” says Blakes drummer Bob Husak (Husak is Polish; it means “house-builder”). “Much like Sasquatch, I’ve never gone until we played it.”

Tickets: Get ‘em now, as last year sold out in advance. Tickets available at HERE

Four Contestants Win At The SATURDAY KNIGHTS Top Pot Donut Eating Contest!

As Jonathan Zwickel, music editor of The Stranger, reported that day on the paper’s popular Line-Out blog:

“The maximum number of donuts a normal human being can consume is seven. This scientific fact was proven during yesterday’s doughnut eating contest, hosted by the Saturday Knights and MCed by our very own Kelly O.

I thought it would be more, but Top Pot donuts aren’t the light-n-fluffy confection clouds that Krispy Kreme are. It was only after trying one of the leftovers that I learned that Top Pot’s specialty is the cakey kind of donut, glazed and hyper-sugary, a deceptively small gut bomb. So seven is actually a lot.

TSK blasted through four songs on Silver Platters’ stage while the four eaters stuffed their faces at a table below. It was a short set and sort of a dubious contest—all four competitors walked away with $25 gift certificates to the store, not to mention bellies full of donuts. Heavy, cakey donuts. Seven apiece. Urgh.

But hey, when the Saturday Knights play a free set, everyone wins.”


(A free copy of any Light In The Attic title will be given to the first four people who guess who the famous donut eating guest contestant is!)

Big thanks goes out to Top Pot Doughnuts, Silver Platters Records, and The Stranger! We look forward to next year

For those who missed the event, here’s a YouTube VIDEO peak!

“Luxury Pamphlet” Coloring Winner Is Finally Announced! Cornish Offers Scholarship!

We have a winner for The Saturday Knights Coloring Book Contest! It is seven year old Ashland Cross, who submitted a couple of entries, one of which was this:

We’re hoping the Cross household has gotten back in shape after the amazing party the band played for last weekend! Thanks for having The Saturday Knights and Light In The Attic over, dear Cross family!

Thanks so much to KEXP for the support with this event!

TSK Blog Love

From The Ever-Lovin’ and Much Beloved Raindrop Hustla blog:

“And for all you suckas that missed TSK last Saturday at Havana, you missed out. The Cops killed it, The Saturday Knights were truly awesome, and the video for “45″ (the reason the whole thing went down) was a drunken, screaming success…

For those who have not seen Barfly, Tilson and DJ Spence (w/The Cops’ Michael Jaworski on guitar) perform live (as I had not), let me assure you they are not faking the funk…

Tilson is (purple velvety) smooth and stays cool in multiple scarves and a macrame hat; “he moves more like a rapper [than Barfly],” I heard someone say. Tilson has star power, and it’s the exuberant type. Supernova explosive but less threatening, more effervescent.

Barfly is a fucking force. His tourette’s-style rhyming is so developed, it’s its own science. In other contexts, I can see how his flow could be called disorienting. But in TSK’s pop songs, it captivates anyone able to listen to/understand rap lyrics. He sucks attention into himself like a star collapsed. He’s like a blackhole superstar.

The tracks are all the joint, loud and textured the right way: with banging drums, real, bad-ass guitar sounds (quite unlike Da Shop Boys) and liberal scratching and tambourine playing ala Spence. Live, it’s a layers thing, a more-is-more thing. You can really get lost in it.

Also, and this cannot be overstated, The Saturday Knights’ rock songs do not come off as “departures” nor are they results of “outside-the-box” thinking. They just sound good. It’s fast and punk-ish with no sugar added. It’s natural.”

We Love The Seattle Dailies Too! And The Dailies Love Our Bands!

Sharp articles about The Blakes, The Saturday Knights, and Light In the Attic have run recently in the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer.

and from The Seattle Times…

“The next Modest Mouse: The Blakes.

No, this isn’t a bunch of ‘American Idol’ worshippers. The Blakes, a powerhouse trio, have Strokes-like garage hooks, and jump back into an earlier generation with vintage Rolling Stones driving sound and attitude.

“A Pitchfork reviewer helped spread the word about the Blakes, calling them ‘one of the pleasant surprises’ of the recent star-studded Sasquatch Festival. The Blakes will be rocking at the Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot, perhaps on the way to the big time.” -Tom Scanlon