We’re good people here at Light In The Attic. We’ve created an soccer-related New Year’s Eve extravaganza featuring The Blakes AND The Saturday Knights at the brand new Starfire Sports and Entertainment Complex in Tukwila (which you can read about in full right HERE). And now, because we’re just that jolly during the motherf’n X-Mas season, we’re going to give you a chance to get in to the show for cheap. Here’s what the good folk over at The Seattle Wolves head office are offering you guys:

To use this code, fans of the Saturday Knights and The Blakes are going to have to purchase their tickets through When they place their order for a $35 GA ticket and enter this code at check out, they will receive $10 off their order. All of the tickets available through the store are Will call tickets. There is no service charge for purchasing the tickets through the Wolves Shop.Here’s the code.TSKRule

Lets break that down:

1. Go to to order your tickets.
2. You’ll receive 10 dollars off your tickets and not have to deal with any of the bullshit service charges other, less morally inclined agencies, would force upon you.
3. These are will call tickets, so in your wasted New Year’s stupor don’t forget to pick them up at the door.
4. Here’s that code, that code again: TSKRule.

Got it? Go buy some tickets, this is going to be a bad ass show.