It’s getting cold in the Northwest.  The clear blue sky no longer promises radiant beams of sun, but rather a day of frigid blasts unhampered by the oh-so protective cloud cover.  With the cold, we, the denizens of the great Northwest, get a veritable honor roll of ailments: painful joints, cracked skin, teary eyes, and worst of the ever-present grinch-like dispositions.

When the going gets frigid, we here at Light In The Attic know that the only solution to these seasonally affected blues is a red-hot injection of dance-dance-dancin’ music.  And where better to look then the Latin American spice of many of our good friend’s Vampi Soul’s titles?  We started digging, but a problem occurred: with so many high quality options, what would best heat our icy hearts in the dead of winter?  What country’s toasty jams would warm our frosty digits when the temp dropped below zero?

Well, shit and tarnation, we couldn’t figure it out, so we just let Vampi Soul do it for us … and you.


WHAT IS IT:  With this release you are certainly going to be shaking that groooooooove-thang!  22 songs in the best Vampi Soul way: different styles, old and new releases, plus just a few special surprises and exclusive tracks for those have-it-all crate diggers.   The perfect soundtrack for any wild funk-salsa-soul-groovy-latin-boogaloo party!  From Vampi Soul.

WHY YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE IT:  Sure it’s a compilation.  And sure you can find almost all of these tracks on different Vampi Soul releases from the last two or three years.  But you know what: who cares?  This is, in the words of House of Pain, the cream of the crop, the rice at the top and such and such.  It’s the best, most ass-shaking tracks from some of the more ass-shaking releases from Vampi Soul.  This album is perfect for the lazy sack of potato chips that doesn’t want to excavate his twenty pound duff from the La-Z-Boy and listen to all 80 or so Vampi releases to discern which funktastic bass lines and psychedelic guitar are perfect for them.  Nope, they just hit BUY NOW on the old internet page and boom, 2-3 days and your house’ll be a down right dance party.  All care of the good people at Vampi Soul.

WHAT WE’RE GIVING YOU:  Honestly, when it came to this weeks selection it came down to one criteria, which band had the greatest name?  It was a difficult choice, what with names like Diplomats of Solid Sound, The Vibrettes, Totem, and Lat-Teens gracing the tracklisting.  But in the end it all came down to Cannibal and the Headhunters, because, hell, it’s called Cannibal and the Headhunters.   If we could dog-whistle right now we would, because that’s how bad-ass this track is.  Enjoy.


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