Looking for something a little off the beaten path for those music geeks lovers that co-habitat your personal bubble? Look no further:

First off, Doom and Gloom: Early Songs of Angst and Disaster 1927 – 1945 is everything it claims to be. A selection of rarely heard tracks that musically chronicle the various horrible disasters that plagued thirty years in the early 20th century. Matt Sullivan, co-owner of Light In The Attic Records personally endorses this fantastic little collection, calling it his, “favorite Trikont release since Dirty Laundry.” And that guy loooooooooves himself some Dirty Laundry.

Next off, Trikont does it again, by pulling together a selection of tracks from the burgeoning Turkish music scene in … Germany? You heard right Import Export a la Turka: Turkish Sounds From Germany collects the best and brightest Turkish music currently exploding in, er, Germany. At loss for explanation we turn the job over to the good people at Trikont:“In 2006 Trikont & DJ Ipek released the critically acclaimed Beyond Istanbul. They now come with another installment of contemporary Turkish grooves, with a focus on Turkish-pop artists who now record in Germany.”

So, if your struggling to grab one last little gift before the big day, these are some wonderful selections.