The Hardest news: RIP Andy Kotowicz, Sub Pop’s Marketing guru

Andy Kotowicz

When you’re out in the world doing the sort of things we do at Light In The Attic, you meet a lot of people along the way. I mean really, all kinds: record collectors, label heads, licensing dudes, should-have-been artists (and all of their family members!), genuine larger-than-life rock stars, and the list goes on and on. Some of these people are kind and some are not so kind, but you can only hope that the majority exude the kind of warmth, wisdom and soulfulness that Andy Kotowicz did.

Andy was in a car accident over weekend and we are deeply saddened to report that his injuries proved fatal. Many of you knew Andy as the Vice President of Sales and Direct Marketing at Sub Pop, but you may not know that he was a big help to and very supportive of Light In The Attic. Matt Sullivan had this to say of the knews:

“[Andy] was a great guy, genuine music lover and kindly helped us out at Light In The Attic on so many occasions–lending us advice and support countless times over the years. So damn sad.  I can’t believe it.”

We were very fortunate to have known Andy and benefited greatly from his kindness. He is survived by his wife and daughter. Please keep them and all his friends at Sub Pop and beyond in your thoughts.

Please check out this link to No Depression for a tribute to Andy by his friend Kyla Fairchild.