The Saturday Knights Contest

In the Beginnging There Was the Publisher’s Clearing House, then There Was Powerball, and Then There Was Tiger Beat’s “Date With Scott Baio!” … And Now There is the Behemoth of All Sweepstakes! Get Your Crayons Out! It’s Time for the Contest of All Contests! It’s The SATURDAY KNIGHTS LUXURY PAMPHLET SKILLS CHALLENGE COLORING COMPETITION!

Last Monday morning, May 7th, between the hours of 9 and 10 AM, The Saturday Knights hijacked the John In The Morning show on KEXP. (We hope you made sure you listen to it because these guys got up early for YOU!) This will be the offical start of the Coloring Book Contest, which lasts till Friday, May 25th.

The winner receives a PERFORMANCE AT THE WINNER’S HOUSE (TSK supply the music, you supply the PA/monitor/mixing board)*. Second Place winners will get dinner at Dick’s Drive-In with the band!

Download your preferred page of choice at the bottom of this page and start coloring. Submit your drawings to any of these fine Seattle record stores:

Easy Street (
Silver Platters (
Sonic Boom (

or via good ol’ fashion mail to (get to know your USPS guy! Buy a stamp, save an e-mail):

TSK Coloring Book Extravaganza
c/o Light In The Attic
P.O. Box 31970
Seattle, WA 98103 USA

Artwork will be judged by The Saturday Knights and a cadre of homeless “coloring art critics” and the Fremont Troll, and by the statue of V.I. Lenin, and the statue of J. Hendrix too, to be fair.

* Caveat: Sorry, but your house must be located in the Seattle/Tacoma area

More Info:
The Saturday Knights…
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Light In The

Download the entire coloring book by clicking on this link:

Download each page individually: