The Shit that Sipreano’s Been Digging

The DJ/producer/journalist/historian dude who put together the “Jamaica to Toronto” anthology and seven album series

1) Hon’s Robson Exclusive Vegetarian Menu
2) The Book Of Lists (Vancouver band, forthcoming 7″ on 1965 Records)
3) Grant Street Awesome Party backyard eats/jams
4) Voluntary In Nature mix
5) Mashmakhan on Festival Express DVD
6) Clash – Combat Rock CD (non-single album tracks: “Red Angel Dragnet”, “Overpowered By Funk”, “Atom Tan”)
7) Black Mountain “Voices” 7″ into Depeche Mode “Leave In Silence” 12″ at the Ladyhawk CD/LP release party!!!
8) Force Of Nature – III
9) Winston Holmes – “Cocaine Doctor” 7″ (I NEED THIS!!! HOLLER!!!)
10) Jamaica To Toronto live in Toronto, July 15 at Harbourfront Centre

More: Sipreano at MySpace