The Television Invasion Continues!

Our deathgrip on the old boob tube is slowly growing tighter as more and more of our artist’s music creeps on to network and cable programming. One of these days you’ll flip on the set and it’ll be Light In The Attic TV 24 hours a day on every channel. And oh what a glorious day it shall be.

For now though you can check out either of these two shows:

Monday, October 15, 8pm et/pt (ed. that’s tonight ladies and gentlemen)

The Blakes‘ “Commit” on How I Met Your Mother on CBS
“Little Boys”

When “kid-unfriendly” Robin surprisingly forms a bond with the young son of
the guy she is dating, she decides it is too serious and must figure out a
way to let the little guy down.


The Purrs’ “Loose Talk” on Californication on Showtime
“The Devil’s Threesome”

Newly minted roommates Hank and Charlie meet a girl at the gym who knows Hank from a past incident and when Hank can’t quite remember her, she beats him up in the ring. Each reeling from relationship woes, Karen and Marcy decide to have a girl’s night out. Back at UTK, Dani meets with Mia regarding a novel she has written. Karen and Marcy decide to pay Hank and Charlie a surprise visit, but get more than they bargained for when they walk in on them and the girl from the boxing gym.

(ed. If you’re interested, this episode is directed by neo-noir Hollywood big-wig John Dahl [Red Rock West and Rounders], which is kind of awesome in its own right.)

This is a big night for TV/Film Guru Sandy, so put down your pork rinds and stop watching Dancing With The Stars for five seconds and check this shit out.