“This Is National Wake” | Documentary

We need your help! Our friend and director Mirissa Neff is working on the documentary This Is National Wake! The film was recently awarded a development grant by ITVS (makers of PBS’s Independent Lens), but more funds are needed to stay in production this Spring. Please help get this important project onto screens around the world.

This Is National Wake tells the story of the multi-racial punk group National Wake in an apartheid South Africa. Through thrilling archival footage shot on Super 8 in Johannesburg’s underground clubs, This Is National Wake will reveal the idealistic, colorblind scene National Wake’s music inspired, and the protest stance inherent to their sound. 

This past Fall the band’s sole album was re-released to worldwide acclaim, and the crew of This Is National Wake was on the scene to capture all the action.

In Spring 2014, director Mirissa Neff will travel back to South Africa with band founder Ivan Kadey to unravel the band’s legacy, and discover what befell his musical partners in crime. They will reunite with families and fans of the band, and try to track down some of the apartheid enablers who suppressed the band’s ascent. Later in the Spring the director will work with an editor to craft a rough cut of the film that will aid in securing finishing funds.

Viewed from today, over 20 years since apartheid was finally destroyed, and in the months following Nelson Mandela’s death, National Wake’s story resonates as a potent herald of what Mandela once envisioned for the “new South Africa.”

For more information about the project and to make a donation please visit the This Is National Wake kickstarterThanks for the support!