To Desmond Dekker

It’s a fucking shame about Desmond Dekker dying last week. We remember seeing three movies in the late 80s/early 90s – “Something Wild,” “Miami Blues,” and “Drugstore Cowboy” that featured the immortal ‘The Israelites,’ forcing us to go out and buy the “Golden Oldies” 45 at Peaches on 45th and Roosevelt. Some music is so mystical and ball-grabbing you can do nothing but hunt it down and own it. Blessings to Dekker’s loved ones, and bless him for the fantastic music. Johnny Horn was in the office today and mourned with us for a few minutes.

On a lighter note, it was a hell of a Light In The Attic party last Saturday night, y’all should have been here! David Shanklin and Matt Greasy did some mad DJing whilst the throng swarmed our little house near the Zoo. It was actually a birthday party for Jennifer from Evil Bunny Films and Kelli from the band Arkade – the zesty gathering a disarming mélange of musicians, artists, writers, exotic dancers, Buttersprites, Barsuk radio publicists, filmmakers, and freaks all digging the vibes. It ended for me watching my wife make out with some cute blonde girl on the front porch before Jim drove us home, as a hundred B-Boys took out their digital cameras to snatch that action for their blogs. Sweet!

Speaking of blogs, The Black Angels were interviewed by the awesome Elliot Aronow for the new issue of Nylon Magazine regarding the MySpace phenomenon. Elliot does a killer blog himself (check that link, Jackson) and it’s a really chill article you can read in an avant-fashion mag available anywhere where chili cheese dogs and Slurpees are sold.

Everybody getting ready for Jamaica to Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967 – 74? That’s our next full album release, a sleek fat anthology perfect for the Global warmed summer (Al Gore sweat it out!) with lots of nuff-smoked tuneage from the tribe that flew from the cool blue Caribbean to the maple leaf metropolis of the Far North. Personally, I am all about the Cougars dubby folk-funk cover of the Temptations’ “I Wish It Would Rain,” but there’s fifteen other slices of soul ecstasy to taste. I was told by Matt to keep the hype low on this shit this time around as it doesn’t hit ‘till July, but I can’t help but pump this thang. Watch here for it, kiddos.