A box arrived on our day a few days back fresh from a voyage across the sea, bristly with salt-water, and reeking of a sailors privates. Rife with disease this box was, but we knew what lay inside, so we dared disease to pry apart its cardboard curtains.

And what lay within was a Spanish treasure horde of brand new distro titles from the good folk at Vampi and Munster. Over the course of the next three days, we’re going to let the newly titled Blog Baron Noah give initial impressions based on descriptions and cover art. Three titles, three days of Blog Baron Noah’s imbibed ramblings. Who’s excited?

Today: The Young Fresh Fellows – I Don’t This Is …


What Is It?: The first album in over eight years from Seattle’s respected rockers The Young Fresh Fellows.  It’s rock and roll.  Beer fueled if you believe the descriptions.

A Wee Bit of Background:  The Young Fresh Fellows are sort of a lingering Seattle-super group from the early 80s.  They released a sort of iconic album in the Seattle alternative scene in 1983 (The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest) and then proceeded to fly through an assortment of line-up changes (with The Minus 5′s Scott McCaughey also at the helm).  This is their first release since 2001.

My Initial Opinions: Lets be honest, I always though The Young Fresh Fellows were some sort of 80s Depeche Mode tag-a-long, so I’ve never even stepped close to purchasing one of their albums.  Now, looking at their musical descriptions my curiosity is, well, slightly peaked.  I mean the presence of a cartoony orange man doing a little Rear Window-ing to the stars dampens my curiosity, but I just have a problems with voyeurs.

Who’s It For?: Uh, Young Fresh Fellow fans and those who enjoy their rock and roll spiced with a hint of the 80s.

Purchase it right HERE.