Viva Des Livres Comiques!


Parlez-vous français? No? Me neither! Lucky for those of you who ordered the LP version of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin‘s J’Taime…Moi Non Plus (which hits record stores in North America next Tuesday, August 24), there will be no need to pull out your dog-eared French-English dictionary to read the fantastic and truly bizarre 16-page comic book that is included inside the LP.  The comic was illustrated by the talented David Lasky (who is responsible for the wildly popular Urban Hipster comic book as well as Boom Boom), and was written in easy-to-read English by noted music critic Mairead Case. The comic storyline follows the our man Serge and our lady Jane through Paris in a quest to find each other and make the record that the Pope deemed blasphemous. Francophiles will love to see all the notable spots they wander!

Serge in Paris 68

Of course, we aren’t to leave those of you who ordered J’Taime…Moi Non Plus on CD through Light In The Attic out in the cold, so we’re throwing in a comic along with your CD (supplies extremely limited). And even if you have no desire to get one of the sexiest records ever recorded (ahem…The Pope?), you can still get your grubby little hands on the comic by ordering it from our LITA-LTD catalog.

The 16-page, 7″x7″ black and white comic comes with a full-color front and back covers, with Jane on the frontside (as seen at the top of the page) and Serge on the backside (as seen below). J’Taime, baby!