It’s that time of the year again. A time of presents and cocoa, dreidels and fake chocolate money, embarrassingly drunk X-Mas parties and spiked egg nog at Grammies. Yup, it’s the end of the year holiday season and all the grand accoutrements that come with it are roaring in to effect.

And you know what that means: TOP TEN LISTS … … or top five, or top three, or top one million … you get the jist.

Well, we at Light In The Attic are eager as wood-starved beavers to get our well-deserved bands on these lists so we’re begging and pleading that you, our loyal fans will do a little voting for us. Think of it as your X-Mas present to us. And you’ll be getting your present … in … the, er, mail. Yeah, that’s the ticket …

Lets start off with our favorite radio station in the whole world, KEXP! They’re doing a fan-based best of 90.3 and we’d love for you to help us get The Blakes, The Saturday Knights and Nicole Willis at the top of that list. Just head on over to KEXP and type in your favorite Light In The Attic-related music. Then just sit next to the chimney and wait for that holiday cheer to start rolling on in.