This video has three amazing things going for it:

1.  Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of the late, great Serge Gainsbourg whom we have reissued in the past, and will reissue again in the future, and whom has ventured out beneath the enormous shadow of her father to become quite the actress/musician in her own right.  Not-An-Intern Noah is still a bit flush over her performance in Michel Gondry’s amazing Science of Sleep.

2.  Beck.  Haters please step away.  Beck, though rife with missteps in his lengthy career, is a consummate musician who has completely won us back over with his recent return to form with his amazing Record Club.  He covered The Velvet Underground and we smiled and that’s saying a lot.

3.  Lunacy. Absolute fucking lunacy.  Axes chasing people.  Giant walnuts.  Fat shirtless children and guitars.  And that’s the first ten seconds.