Mattrick Sullivano and Blogmaster Noah are battling it out over dubious recommendations by the SF-based munchkin earlier this year.  We agree, his recommend was a reco-wrong.

Yet here he is again, pounding on the door with another bit of song/video for you to enjoy!  Alright, he’s just so cute in that little red hat and that yellow slicker.  Alright little guy, give us what you got.

Ty Segall.

165 pounds of hair, guitar, and genre-bending man-good.  Yup yup, he’s an up-and-comer in these hilly climes of San Franceesco, and you need to get on the bandwagon before the whole world is hollering his name, and all you can do is nod in agreement, because this is that good.

Right here, right here, right here is the video for “Lovely One” a lo-fi twanger from his recently released album Lemons.  Check it once, and then check it again, ’cause you’re going to loooooooove it.

In all the wrong ways.