We sincerely hope you gave yourself some alone time yesterday to indulge in our co-owner and founder Matt Sullivan’s amazing blog about the future of Light In The Attic.  If you haven’t, you need to put down the bacon flavored lube and check it out, as the man not only hints at what’s to come in the world of, well, us, but also drops a little love on a few of the good and plentys we’ve been obsessing over the last few forevers.

One of those being the absolutely brilliant music blog, Aquarium Drunkard.  Sure, you’ve probably heard of it, you may have even downloaded a track or two from it, but what you need to be doing is heading there each and every day (a few times even) to check out some of the best musical commentary on everything from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds to fantastic exclusive mixes like, well, this:

A sprawling, modern, vintage, contemporary, summery blast to help bring the ends of this joyous season to a shuddering halt.  Put together by the Mondo Boys, this mix is really as good a summer mix as we’ve heard all year.

Head on over to AD and grab a copy of it while you can, and then stick around, get yourself some delightful musical commentary.

Matt Sullivan says so!