Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!



I don’t know what it’s like in your thrift store corner of the world, but out here in the wet ‘n wild west, it’s been something like a HEAT-WAAAAVE.  You know what else is hot?!  SLUMBER PARTIES, HIPPIES, and TOURING!!!  So get all up in this sweat lodge and have yourself some visions – of  the hot jams you’ve been missin’!



Just when you’re expecting another ’80′s synth banger, Death Waltz sucker-punches you with this!  Don’t get us wrong, we got nuthin’ against the ’80′s synth bangers, but THIS – this is a CLASSIC horror soundtrack.  And when we say classic, we mean Phantom of The Opera / Dracula / Haunted Funhouse of Horrors kind of a vibe.  And when we say Funhouse, we mean a real ORGAN GRINDER.  If you still don’t follow, this is what would be playing while you were quietly crapping your pants at the carnival or the haunted corn maze, or whatever they did for fun in Oklahoma.  Scary in the way that clowns, scarecrows, and mimes are still scarier than 100 Freddy Kruegers surrounding you like the maypole.


The Black Hippies – The Black Hippies
(Academy LPs)

Here at LITA HQ NW, we’re beyond pumped to have the estimable Academy LPs joining the distro stable!  If you’re not already familiar, this new reissue from The Black Hippies is a perfect place to start, showcasing everything this label has become known for in the last few years.  Like it’s predecessors, this jam is another deep cut from the ’70′s Afro-Fuzz scene – and one of the more high-stepping rump-shakers from a scene that has it’s share.  A uniquely African interpretation of the hard rock, funk, and disco that was making it’s way into the Nigerian nightclubs from Europe and overseas, and will the knock yer socks off if you dug the Ofege record.  Get Hip(py)!


(540 or Fight)


The best kind of 3-car pile-up from some of the more engaging bands working in the American psych/punk underground today.  Serving as something of a postcard from the tour these bands did together last year, this split highlights the stylistically divergent approaches each of them are taking in their attempts to stretch the boundaries of what a “psychedelic” band can be.  Merchandise delves further into the atmospheric, ethereal soundscapes their new label home, 4AD has built it’s house on, while Milk Music keeps driving further from their scrappy SST punk beginnings, winding down somewhere out in the Crazy Horse desert sunset.  Destruction Unit – well, they do what they do – to great effect, laying down minimal, encrusted garage riffs and slowly building them to frenzied, peyote nightmares.  The best split release since the Boys Life / Christie Front Drive 10″- and in retrospect, those bands kinda sucked.  Features all previously unreleased material.

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