tmp_2F1429810948200-n9xwsskssmj-b1171fb053d6ea918085dd0ae760e267_2F819162098125V/A – Electroconvulsive Therapy V. 3 

Shock treatment never worked for me.  But can we all just set aside our peevish differences for a minute and talk aboutOne Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?  The last scene where the Chief rips up the water fountain and busts the F outta there and then The Doc from Back To The Future goes batshit? C’mon!

V/A – Shirley Inspired 

Shirley Collins is the queen of creepy old white people music.  The world ain’t gettin’ any younger – and depending on which side of the bed we woke up on, less creepy by the hour.  Sad news for aspiring creeps, weirdos, and future shut-ins the world-over.  Shirley is one of the last living bridges to this world, and if terror, mystery, and folklore get you going, get thyself to a Shirley LP ASAP!


You know how some people don’t like baseball then they have a kid, settle down, and start wearing a Yankees cap?  KISS is like baseball – I never got it and still don’t.  But I love Grand Funk.  ”Nothing Is The Same” is one of the best grooves ever and one of my top DJ jams for life.
Go cop it.  Bruce Kulick has played in both KISS and Grand Funk, which I suppose makes him a wash.  KKB sounds like Grand Funk, not KISS.  We’re good, Bruce.