39 Clocks – Subnarcotic (Preorder)

Just because I’m putting this record out does that mean I can’t talk about it? False modesty killed the dinosaurs, and now all we have is fake bones in the Smithsonian and footage from documentaries like Jurassic World. There isn’t a 39 Clocks doc yet, but just like the dinosaurs, the Clocks had rats and broken glass thrown at them in their time. But the book ain’t closed. Don’t miss your chance to be part of revisionist history again.



Dokken – Dream Warriors (Theme from Nightmare on Elm Street 3) (Preorder)

I went head to head on deep hair metal the other day with LITA Len - and I gotta say I was feelin’ pretty good coming to the plate with Dangerous Toys, Tora Tora Tora, and Kix. But guess what? He came right back with Scatterbrain, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Saigon Kick! Sat me down real quick. Now, I would never imply that a solid B-level hair act like Dokken could ever be drug down to these murky depths. That wouldn’t be right.



Lion and the Lamb – S/T (In stock now!)


What happens when all the African, Psych, Post-punk, outsider Folk records and Horror soundtracks have been reissued? Laugh now, but don’t say a summer breeze don’t make-you-feel fiiii-yiiiiine, and don’t say I didn’t warn you when we announce pre-orders for the Toto reissue campaign of 2019. Let it begin.